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Welcome to  Batiste Ministries has designed this website to connect with our partners, friends, and the world. is a comprehensive resource for spiritual development; to be used as a supplemental source of spiritual guidance, teaching, and support. Therefore, to aid in your “Love walk” we will update sermons, devotionals, and other resources regularly.  It Is our prayer, that is a blessing to your life, and that you will share your testimony with us and with the world.


Love is the most powerful force is the universe, and our hope is that this ministry can help to create a world of peace, harmony, community, and divine love.  Through the resources on this website, we hope that you are inspired to walk in Love like never before!!!


Our mission is to teach the world about Loving God & Loving Others.  We love God by obeying His Ten Commandments and we love others by becoming 1 Corinthains 13.


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