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Speak What You Want and Not What You Have

Speak What You Want and Not What You Have

Scripture teaches us that death and life are in the power of the tongue.  We are also told that our words are like a rudder on a ship.  Although a small member, it is most powerful in that it has the power to dictate the direction of our lives.

But how many of us use our tongue, or our words to take us in the direction that we really don’t want to go?  How many times do we use our words to affirm where we don’t really want to be as opposed to where we’re trying to go?

Let’s imagine this…what if you had the key to your future?  What if you could unlock your potential, immediately, and steer a new course for your life? Well guess what?  That’s what your words do.  Your words help to unlock your potential and create the reality that you want.  Your words, are the key to the hopes, dreams, and desires that you have on the inside of you.

Instead of unlocking the door to your present with sometimes reckless words affirming what you really do not want,  Use your words to unlock what you do want in your life.  Speak what you want and not what you have.

Say I am healthy.  Say I am happy.  Say I am successful.  Say I am Loved.  Say that God loves me the way that I am.

Unlock Love in your life with words of Love and not words of pain, despair, and hopelessness.

Speak what you want and not what you have.

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