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"Love God and Love Others, for Love is our Greatest Gift"


Batiste Ministries is an outreach ministry located in Riverdale, Georgia. Our vision is to spread God’s message of "Love" to all ends of the earth. God has given Batiste Ministries the responsibility of teaching  the importance of walking in Love towards God and one another.


Batiste Ministries began in 1997 when God placed upon the hearts of Lyndon and Lionel Batiste to serve His kingdom through music. Lyndon and Lionel then entered into an intense period of studying and maturing in the Word of God.




During this time, God revealed to them that Batiste Ministries would reach far greater than just music. God also placed upon their hearts and enabled them to teach and preach His wisdom.


God then revealed to Batiste Ministries that their assignment would be to teach the world about Love and how to walk in Love. Batiste Ministries has gladly welcomed this assignment and has dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of walking in God’s Love. 

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