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Discovering Your Purpose in Life (Part 2)- 7 Ways to Identify Your Purpose In Life

Discovering Your Purpose in Life is arguably the most important discovery that anyone can make in their lifetime.  To know why you are here, why you were born, and the purpose towards which you should direct your time and efforts.  There is nothing more empowering and fulfilling than to know your purpose, walk in your purpose, and to, hopefully, accomplish it.

In part 2 of Discovering Your Purpose in Life, we discuss the…..

7 Ways to Help You Identify Your Purpose in Life.

1. What comes natural to you?

2. What do you love doing?

3. what things frustrate you?

4. What is that consumes you?

5. What is it that you do that gives other people joy, and builds them up in the process?

6. What would you do for free?

7. What do you see yourself doing?

Article “15 Signs That You Genuinely Love What You Are Doing.”

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