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Happy 60th to my Pops!!!


I celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday this past Sunday and I’m still a bit moved by how fortunate I’ve been to have him as my Dad…for years I felt kind of “guilty” for having a good Dad…well, because my life story more so resembled that of the Huxtables as supposed to the one that makes for a great rap song and a “Behind the Music” episode…However, now that I am a Dad…I’m not ashamed nor do I feel guilty…what many people don’t know is that I am the beneficiary of a man who decided to break a familiar family curse…the one where the Father has children but then has many more children outside of the one’s he created with the “main wife” or the one where they’re just simply not there at all…yeah…not to put my Grandad’s business out there (and he did many things right) but it was something my Dad experienced and he, my dad, told me that he was determined to have a “Family”…done the right way…now this isn’t to say that if it’s not done this way that beauty cannot still come from it…it has and will continue to do so…yet, there is something to be said about a man that decides to be one…my transition into Fatherhood has been very easy b/c I had a dam# good model…a great model at that…so yeah…if my story isn’t “black” enough…I say…let’s be like my Pops instead, choose to be Men…and create a Huxtable like narrative for our children…trust me…the ramifications for the children and grand-children and great-grandchildren are endless…I’m proud to say that I had a Man as a Father…I’m even more proud to say that my son has a Man for a Grand-Father…my prayer is that in about 30 years my son will be blogging about me the same way that I am now about my Dad…at that point I’ll have to remind him that he has a great Dad because I had a great Dad…closing thought: the Huxtables should be the new norm 🙂

Lyndon- “Looking For Love”

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